Pornography has a fairly large gap in acceptance and personal use between male and females. In the early 1950's, pornography was described as the male's "secret club". It was largely believed that women did not condone pornography and it was only of use to men. Only in recent years, it has been shown that women are more than just the sexual figures used in pornographic films. Women are now being seen as directors, producers, and consumers. Through this unit, it is discussed how women have changed the pornographic world by getting more involved not only with being active in front of the camera but also behind the camera. In "Taking Sides," you explore the different ways men and women are involved in pornographic films as well as the way culture is changing and adapting.
This section is where you will discuss briefly what the topic is trying to say or ask of us. Why is it important for us to think about in general? For women? And right now in time?


As pornography has progressed over years and years, it was seen as a man’s only territory to even becoming the vision for women’s sexual liberation. Things have definitely changed over time to when women were only seen as the objects of pornography and now in modern times, they are not just in front of the camera, but behind as well. Women are now becoming the directors, consumers, and producers. Looking at gender in pornography, women are degraded in that field more than men are. But then some would say the opposite. Then there is the argument that men have more involvement and interest in it then women, but then others will think otherwise. Pornography has changed drastically over the century and continued to change over the 21st century. Women and men are both more involved and views of the industry has changed as well.


Because taste among women can vary so widely for a variety of reasons, it cannot be claimed that pornography for women is different than pornography for men. If there are women who enjoy the more traditional, aggressive pornography- that is what will be purchased. Even though that consumer wasn’t in mind when it was being produced, it is for her. The market for more modern, made for women pornography may be made for women who enter the market, thus widening the pornography market altogether, but that doesn’t mean that women haven’t been using and enjoying pornography before that. Research about pornography made for women is not common (Pienta, 2013, pg. 243) as it is a relatively new addition to the industry as a whole, and much research is done with an anti-porn bias built in- as it is conducted by anti-porn sites.
There is a distinct difference in pornography marketed to men and marketed to women. Pornography marketed to men overwhelmingly displays sexual acts that exploit the women actors through degradation and aggressiveness. Sexual acts take place within 90 seconds from kiss to sexual acts. The enjoyment of men is the focus and women are acted upon. Pornography made and marketed to women include the enjoyment of sex acts by women, mutual satisfaction, and connectedness between partners. While pornography marketed to women may include aggressiveness and other forms of male domination it includes other elements that make it more palatable to the female audience.

What are the key concepts of the week's discussion? Economics? Race? Education? (All of these…?) You are led to some of these from the readings, but some will require serious consideration from you.

Today in the Topic

What is the current state of this topic?
Today you do see more women engaging in pornography than ever before. Most of my female friends have admitted to watching it regularly, even if they are in a relationship. As women, we have evolved over time to do what we want without being punished. I also believe that women are more prone to watch it if their partner does as well. We live in a sexualized world, with porn and nudity all around us. It is a natural instinct of humans to want to see this kind of stuff. I took a poll on Instagram to see if people agreed with porn being different for men and women, and my results weren't surprising. 64% of my followers agreed that it was different, and 38% disagreed. Majority of the 64% were male, and the majority of the 38% were female. This proves that women believe we are equals in this aspect, even if men don't agree. I also asked a few of my close female friends what genres of pornography they enjoy, and it was very similar (if not the same) as my close male friends.

Reasons for Controversy

Why is this a controversial topic? There's more to each of our topics than differences of opinion. What are the reasons? (You may find as you read the text that what appears to be opposition really isn't in all cases.)
This is a controversial topic because to some this is morally wrong. Some girls get paid more to do pornography than what they would in a normal job. This could also be a controversial topic because of gender inequality. That fact that there is a possibility that women and men are not as the same always sparks up a large debate.

Common Ground

Is there a place in the middle of each opposing view to begin building a research- or evidence-based common viewpoint? Do we have common ground? Where is it?
There is common ground in understanding that women are increasingly consuming pornography of all kinds. Some more traditional (aggressive) and some more women driven. More women respond positively to pornography that depicts egalitarian sex roles. (Pienta, 2013, pg. 242) It stands to reason that from an economic point of view that pornography would be made and marketed to women. Is the response women have to pornography informed by what is made and marketed to them? The making of pornography for women or men may not have a him/her divide but may be enjoyed on a continuum of male attributes (more aggressive) to a more female (egalitarian) similar to the way cognitive social learning theory suggests differences in sexuality. The enjoyment of more aggressive “male” pornography by women may increase as women become increasing liberated in society as a whole. While there are gender differences, whether learned or genetic, the whole spectrum of pornography is being enjoyed with more inclusivity. (Pienta, 2013, pg. 255)

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In section 6.1, "Is There Still a Double Standard of Sexuality for Women and Girls?" can definitely be found in the topic of double standards between men and women for pornography. Even though there is still a evident double standard of sexuality in todays society, the double standard of pornography is starting to disappear. The field of consumers is swiftly becoming more and more women compared to the predominantly male population. To where their is still questions and controversies in the double standard of sexuality (and society's view of both men and women role), the double standard in pornography watchers between men and women is quickly becoming equal.


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When researching the pornography gap between women and men, I stumbled on this reading about understanding pornography between men and women that helps better understand pornography between the genders.
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